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Are there signs of wear and tear?

Does your garage door give you issues?

Do you hate the sound the hinges make when you open the garage door?

If you are looking to be thrilled with customer service like no other, you should call us with 100% quality garage door repair in St Louis.
Think about luxury, convenience, and quality all in one with EDL Garage doors.

Welcome to the home of quality garage door repairs, replacement, and Installation in St Louis.
Our motto is to provide premium services that ensure you are satisfied beyond your imaginations.

EDL Garage doors offer affordable services. We do not require you to break the bank to experience comfort and luxury.

Know The Industry


Reach out to us today on (618) 239-4778 for any inquires or schedule an appointment with our professional team. You can also send us an email at – [email protected] , and one of our customer service personnel will be on hand to take care of your specific questions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have garnered experience in all forms of garage door repairs, replacement, installation, and all other services in between to ensure all our customers are satisfied.

At EDL garage door, we aim to provide optimum customer satisfaction by constantly improving our services. Our goal is to settle for an “okay” job. We want our customers to be in awe at our work on their garage doors.

First of all - Security

For us, the prerogative is to ensure convenience, comfort, style, quality, and security. What is the use of a garage door without its security? This is why we take every job like it is ours.

We would not want any issue to arise with our garage doors, so EDL Garage doors do the same for all our customers.

There is virtually no garage door we cannot fix, install and repair. As long as you are in St Louis, we have you covered.

With our team of seasoned experts, EDL garage doors is one of the notable garage door specialists in St Louis, Missouri.

Experts Team


Reach out to us today on (618) 239-4778 for any inquires or schedule an appointment with our professional team. You can also send us an email at –  [email protected], and one of our customer service personnel will be on hand to take care of your specific questions.

What Do We Do?

Many people hardly pay attention to their garage door; for them, it is good as long as it still does the basic functions.

Due to the different components that make up a garage door, you have to pay close attention to the repair and maintenance of the door.

So how do we ensure your garage doors are working perfectly?

First off, we are a 24/7 professional garage door company in St Louis, which means we are always available to cater to your needs. So, for both commercial and residential garage door solutions, call us today.

To be more specific we have a variety of services that guarantee the optimum satisfaction of our customers.

Trusted Emergency
Garage Door Solutions

If you are looking for quick and reliable solutions to your faulty garage doors, we are never too far away. Contact us on [email protected] | (618) 239-4778.
No matter the time, we are always on guard as we prioritize your safety and security. Hence, once we get your call, we make efforts to solve the issue promptly.

Garage Door Installation
for New homeowners

It is a joy to move to a new home or own a new commercial space for business. Let us help you amplify the excitement by installing premium quality Garage doors that will fit your taste. Other customers with old garage doors are not left out. We understand that there may be a need to change the garage doors, No worries! EDL Garage doors can install new and durable doors as replacements.

Garage door repairs
of any type

Yes! It may sound overly confident, but with a track record, it is a known fact. We can repair any Garage door of any type. EDL Garage doors also specialize in repairing door openers, rollers, springs, tracks, and other faulty components.

Give your business
a new look

The feeling of driving into your company garage is often overlooked. Your garage door can determine a lot of things. Once your garage door is fully functional, there is an air of optimism about the day. Let us help you give your business a refined look. Allow us to change the perception of employees and clients driving into your building. With EDL garage doors, you can enhance your credibility and reputation.

Why Should You Choose Us?


EDL Garage doors take pride in our wealth of experience in repairing, installing, and ensuring the security of all our clients. We are vast and specialize in a host of different types of garage doors, from Aluminum to Fiberglass, Steel, Vinyl right down to wooden garage doors.

No matter the garage doors you have at home or office, we have an experienced team that can handle any situation.

At EDL garage doors, we understand that issues can come up at any time, which could leave you stranded. We would hate for any issue to interrupt your day or put you in danger. Therefore, we are a 24/7 garage door company that offers services quickly all over St Louis. We ensure that we take only a few minutes to get to your location.

Plus, we do not impede on your activities; rather, we get the job done working a short time.

We inspect the garage doors and finish the work the same day; it is much better that way for you.

Quick 24-hour service

100% Customer satisfaction

With our plethora of services, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to installing garage doors. EFL garage doors will advise you on the best option to suit the ambiance of your commercial and residential areas

 Furthermore, our quality in installing and repairing garage doors is second to none in St Louis. We ensure that all our customers are thoroughly satisfied with noir services.

At EDL garage doors, we ensure that the garage doors are of premium quality no matter the used material.

We also note durability as much as aesthetic quality; these are also part of our customers’ satisfaction attitude at EDL garage doors. So, we ensure that the doors last long and are pleasing to the eyes.

It is a fact that for you to get the best quality, you need the right tools. EDL Garage doors hear this loud and clear as we replicate the quality you have always envisioned for your garage doors. We do this by using quality equipment that enhances a family and a company’s quality, credibility, and reputation.

Sophisticated Equipment


We would not lie to you about costs or other issues. EDL Garage doors tell the truth and ensure customers understand the need to repair and maintain their garage doors. We do not impose or hide facts to extort customers. If you need, we will say, if not then we have sorted out All the issues.

Forget about borrowing money to fix the garage doors in Missouri. Now you do not need to break the bank as EDL Garage doors offer an affordable price for new homeowners and people looking to change their home and office look.

Competitive price


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EDL Garage doors offer a wide range of garage door solutions for residential and commercial areas.

So, you can say goodbye to the constant pain you go through when trying to open the garage door.

Take advantage of the experience that EDL Garage doors have to offer.

If you are looking for a new look to your garage, count on a team that has a proven track record of experience, success, and customer satisfaction.