Broken Spring Replacement

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Broken Spring Replacement

When you have an issue with the garage door, the problem usually is with the spring. Maybe the spring is broken, or it has exhausted the number of cycles in its lifetime. A garage door spring should last up to 10,000 cycles which means the opening and closing of the garage door. One cycle is calculated by the opening and closing of the door.

At EDL garage doors, we have impeccable quality in replacing the broken spring in your garage doors.

Imagine having to get home at night, and the Garage doors do not seem to close after you drive in.  This could be scary for both you and your family. However, you can call us anytime, and we will be there to replace the broken spring in no time.

The spring works overtime in ensuring that the garage doors open and close properly. Therefore, it is under a ton of pressure. For us at EDL garage doors, we understand how best to replace the spring no matter the type of garage doors you have.

We have a team of experts with specialized equipment used to replace any worn-out or broken commercial and residential garage door.

As much as it is gratifying to fix broken Springs yourself, it would be best to have a professional like EDL Garage doors come through for you. This is because we believe in your ability, but there are some intricate elements about spring replacement that professionals best understand.

There are two major types of Springs that are common with garage doors. Torsion and extension springs, but of the two, the former is mostly used.

Torsion springs are delicate and can cause severe injuries if not handled properly. One of the reasons for its volatility is the frequent tension the Torsion Springs undergo daily. This is why you need to call us to help replace the Torsion springs in your home or office.

The second type of spring is the extension Springs. This is most times situated on top of the horizontal tracks on either side of the garage door. They offer to lift power to the garage door either by stretching or compressing.

As a fully licensed garage door company in St. Louis, we offer stellar broken spring replacement services so that you do not get stranded again.

We would hate for the security of your home and office to be compromised any day. Therefore, our experienced team officers advise and work to replace any broken spring on your garage door regardless of the material used.

Trust us today and enjoy the perks of security with EDL garage doors. We assure you of 100% customer service satisfaction in terms of quality, security, and convenience.

Another plus for calling us to help replace your broken spring is the prompt service you get. First off, we will be at your doorstep working minutes of booking an appointment.

We understand how security is Paramount to you, your family, and your business. Hence, we ensure that we fix the broken spring quickly. But, more importantly, you do not have to worry as our services are long-lasting.